Used 2017 Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 for sale


Used 2017 LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale

Alberta Crane Service Ltd is proud to present the 2017 LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale. This equipment is currently listed in VERY GOOD condition. The 2017 LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 is classified as a all terrain crane. This Liebherr comes with 276'' of boom and 276 / 299' of jib.

LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale
LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale LIEBHERR LTM1500-8.1 for sale

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Manufacture Liebherr
Model LTM1500-8.1
Year 2017
Upper Hours 8393
Condition VERY GOOD
Capacity 600
Boom Length 276'
Jib Length 276 / 299
Jib Type Luffing / Fixed
Category all terrain crane
Last Updated 2 months ago

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Additional Information

Status For Sale
Year 2017
Manufacturer Liebherr
Model LTM 1500-8.1
Condition Used
Hours 8393
Ton (USt) 600.00
Main Boom Length 52.8' - 276' (84 m)
Jib Extension Length 299'
Luffing Jib Length 276'
Max. Tip Height 465' (142 m)
Max. Hook Radius 330' (108 m)
Maximum Counterweight 363,800 lbs. (165 mt)
Transmission Type Automatic
Miles/KM 28456 Miles
Upper Superstructure Engine Liebherr 6-cylinder (326 HP/300 kW)
Lower Carrier Engine Liebherr 8-cylinder (686 HP/505 kW)
Category All Terrain Cranes
Liebherr roller-bearing stewing ring connecting carrier and superstructure. Central greasing, Liebherr

diesel engine with 240 kVV (326 HP), exhaust emission acc. to 97/68/EC and EPA/CARS, spark

arrestor. Additional fueltank. Hydraulic system with axial-piston swivel pumps. Hoisting gear and

stewing gear with closed oil circuit, luffing and telescoping gear with open oil circuits, electro-

hydraulic control of crane, Reeving-winch. Oil cooler. 2 working flood lights at top of pivot section,

electrically adjustable. Corrosion-resistant crane cabin, liftable hydraulically backwards 20°, with

engine-independent heating incl. timer, air condition, active ventilated crane operator seat (incl. seat

heating) and radio. Monitoring of the winch by camera and colour display. Counterweigh 297,000₹

lbs. Safety devices including LICCON overload safety indicator, inclinometer and supporting

pressure indication (incl. standard program). Test system for servicing, LiCCON work planner. Wind

gauge. Flight yearning light. Working area limitation. Acceptance tests of crane.

Standard painting:

Carrier with rims - RAL 7012, basalt-grey

Cabins.. superstructure. telescopic boom and counterweight RAL 1007, daffodil-yellow

10 Basic machine. without telescopic boom


20 Telescopic boom 53 — 164'

51 Lattice-type luffing jib N 299'

57 Attachment parts for fixed mounting of the luffing jib

74 Second hoist mechanism

76 Hoist gear for control of the luffing jib (winch 3)

84 Y-type guyed telescopic boom with 66,000 lbs additional counterweight

88 Spacer S to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice-type luffing jib in combination with

Y-type guyed boom

39 Excenter E to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice-type fly jib in combination with Y-

type guyed boom

95 Hookblock 376,200 lbs, 7 sheaves double hook

99 Hookblock 82,280 lbs, 1 sheave. single hook

100 Crane hook 27,500 lbs

102 Rooster sheave for telescopic boom

104 Rooster sheave for luffing jib, 105,600 lbs


337 Tyres 525.160 R 25 (20,5 R 25) - Michelin

372 Rim for tyre size 525/80 R 25 (20.5 R 25)

455 12 V-socket for carrier cabin

475 Calyx engine-preheating for carrier, including 230 V1110 V external power supply


e 3 Lim

91 Addi

616 8 counterweight slabs each with 16,500 lbs instead of 4 slabs with 33,000 lbs to

get a better weight distribution for the transport

621 Supports for transportation of telescopic bcom - contour 'pivot section

700 Flight warning, flashlight

720 12 V-socket for crane cabin

822 Removable telescopic boom incl. luffing cylinder disassembly

850 Calix-engine preheating for superstructure including 230 V/110 V external power supply

981 Hydraulic Oil Preheating

981 Special design and assembly for Nelson boom launching lugs

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